As part of the 2015 Bank Holiday Escape in Malta, we served up a welcome brunch from (mostly) local produce. Nestled in amongst the goodies was this flash of bright green, a cool, crunchy, refreshing mix of deliciousness.

Serves 6 ish (adjust quantities of ingredients to suit your preference)

The ingredients

Big handful of kale or spinach: wash and chop

Two handfuls of fresh peas: blanched and cooled

One small cucumber: wash the skin and cube it up

One block feta cheese - cubed or crumbled

Small bunch of mint leaves: washed and torn up into pieces

The dressing

Good quality salt (such as himalayan pink) and a little pepper

Good olive oil 

Juice of a lemon (or lime)

How to make it

Mix up the ingredients in a big bowl

Throw some salt, pepper and a big glug of olive oil on the top

Mix gently so as not to over mash the feta

Add lemon (or lime) juice bit by bit testing along the way till you get the right balance for your taste.

You can also sprinkle with pumpkin seeds for a little extra texture.

Serve in a big bowl, tuck in, cool down :)