Get H-Appy in Minutes

We're modern women, down with all that snapchat, periscope, instaglam jazz. But we're also BIG BIG advocates of digital detox, down with screen time, switch that smartphone OFF once in a while.

So how do we balance the two? By making our screen time (mostly) productive and getting our smartphone to help rather than hinder our ability to Pause // Play.  

Easy to use apps are definitely part of the Pause // Play armoury. Here's the pick of our...

5 favourite healthy apps for health n happiness :)

1) H20hhhh

We often forget to hydrate when we are toiling over a hot computer. This simple little water drinking app 'Daily Water Free' reminds us to slurp up the H20 and tracks ours intake.  Hydrated bodies and minds work faster and more focused for longer.

daily water free logo.jpeg

2) Ohmmm Meditation

This little beauty gives you hundreds of Ohmmm free short meditations you can squeeze into your day easily, pre-breakfast, on the bus, before that meeting, on the way to the gym/your home, in the bar before your date turns up (?!) or just before bed and not a incense stick in sight. Super slick, super funky Headspace. The meditations on our escapes are definitely influenced by this little app.

3) Food n fitness

Need some assistance with eating better and moving more? There are literally thousands of apps out there and no we haven't tried all of them. We know that this one 'My Fitness Pal' does what it says on the tin, is pretty user friendly and comprehensive.

4) One for the ladies

Totally inspired by one of the attendees at our last escape, the amazing Lisa Lister, we are advocates of ladies learning the ups n downs of their cycle and living, as far as possible, in harmony with those rhythms. Maximising the use of the 'full of energy' phase and totally chilling out during the 'I just want to lie down and eat chocolate, thank you' phase. Track your cycle with the super easy to use and amusingly animated (check out the 'PMS', 'Exhausted' and 'High sex drive' icons) Clue


5) Our favourite - It's all about YOU

Ok so you knew that already, but the app 'YOU' totally encourages you to eat well, move more, love more, be mindful, declutter, express gratitude, reach out for support, offer support and much more. All through a totally manageable (squeeze-in-able) series of micro actions to make you and your day turn out a little bit better. Get more YOU in your online (and offline) life.

We hope you find this useful, we share more modern tips for creating more balance on our escapes and in our blog posts. 

Do these work for you? If not, what are your favourite apps? Let us know in the comments below or over on our facebook page.

See you soon :)