Pause // Play // Spring Energy Bullets

So we like to surprise our Pause // Play // Escapees with a little surprise treat or two during their stay. In the escape we ran at the end of April 2016 we thought a little post prandial boost might be welcome so we packed our escapees off for their afternoon adventures with these glorious energy packed 'bullets'.  An honorary mention goes to secret team member Maddy (Lisa's mum) for whipping up this batch for us and to Nourish Everyday for the original recipe which we tinkered with a tiny bit.

Spring Energy Bullets

Makes about 30 bullets


180gms soft dates (medjool are the business but other soft dates are fine to use too, if they feel a little hard, soak them in clean water for 30 minutes then dry on kitchen paper)

1 1/4 cups raw nuts (we used cashews as they go nice and creamy but a mix of other nuts would work, almonds, brazil, hazelnuts, go wild)

1/2 cup desiccated coconut (our current favourite ingredient (and extra for rolling your bullets in)

1/2 cup Maca Powder (or you could use other protein powders such as hemp protein powder, whey protein etc)

2 tbsp chia seeds 

1 organic lemon (ours came from a lovely farmer so it tasted extra nice) - zest and juice

2 tsp good vanilla extract

1/2 tsp good salt


Stick the dates, nuts and coconut into a magimix/food processor. Whizz in short bursts until it all becomes mashed together in a sticky but not totally smooth mix.

NB - Weak food processors wont cope too well with nuts and dates so make sure its a strong one, otherwise chop chop chop and mash with your hands.

Then add in all other ingredients and mix together.

Roll between your hands until little bullets are formed. Then roll those in your extra coconut et voila. 

Put in fridge to keep them fresh and then share with your friends, family and loved ones. Take them to work and share with your colleagues. Use them as peace offerings for your enemies. Avoid eating them late at night unless you are planning a late night date with a dancefloor :)