Master the Micro-Pause

So maybe you are a master meditator, you regularly sit at home in your spiritual space ohhmming till you can ohmmm no more. Then you blow out your candle, roll up your mat and step out into the world.

If so (and even if you have never sat on a meditation cushion before or closed your eyes unless it was to sleep) you'll know it's a lot harder to maintain a zenlike state out there in the noise, in the hustle and in the bustle of the modern world. 

So in those moments it all gets a little crazy and you could happily scream, try the micro pause which we just invented and thought we should share it with you to help in those moments!


Master the Micro Pause.
Here's how to do it... 

Just stop what you are doing for 10 seconds. Literally do nothing, put the phone down, close your eyes, rest your hands on the desk, uncross your legs, stop tapping your foot, stop chewing, stop talking, just stop.

Count a slow, calm 10 seconds.

Start again.

Observe how you feel before and after.

Go one step further:

Do the Double...  repeat the Micro Pause twice

Or the Triple - and repeat three times. 

Or the Major Pause - Try it for 3, 7 or 10 minutes

We sincerely hope this helps and would love to hear from you about your experience of Micro-Pausing in the comments below.


Much love...

Carry on...