Evolve, Don't Resolve

So 2017 draws to a close and our attention turns to the year ahead. In our forward looking fast paced universe we are eyeing up the next 12 months and wondering what will come. We are looking at January and seeing the word “New Year Resolution’ plastered all over the magazines, along with New This, New That, New You, New for 2018…

Those of you who have attended one of our escapes or followed our blog will know that we like to slow things down a bit. Draw our attention to now. To here. To how we feel. To what’s inside. To this moment.

But we also love intention setting. And we know that goal setting is an important part of life and a proven way to get what we want soooooo…

Here is the compromise…

Get yourself a pen n paper and carve out a little you time to embark on…The Three Step Resolution Evolution.

1. Think Old  

Look back to look forward. To shift ourselves from a place of lack, lets look at what we have.  Write down what you have achieved in 2017. What steps did you take to get where you are? What 10 awesome things do you have in your life already?

Stop, breathe, read the list. How does that make you feel...?

2. Slow down

Don't rush to set your 2018 intentions...

January in the Northern Hemisphere is a time of cold weather, short days and less light. It’s a time for hibernation, rest and recuperation. Nature is not starting new things. She is preserving her precious energy and enjoying the lack of action. 

It’s often, though, a time when we are seeking some balance, to counter the indulgent behaviours of the last month of the year and that’s no bad thing. However, there is innate wisdom in giving the pendulum time to swing gently back to the neutral before a health kick begins and January is perfect for this. Perfect for identifying which unhealthy behaviours that no longer serve you, make you happy, or make you strong. January is perfect for being gentle and patient with yourself, it’s energy is quiet and slow so use this as a time for reflection. 

And write down the things you would like to shift over the coming year...

3. Think evolution, not revolution….

New activities take a long time and a lot of energy to embed. So why not continue something you are already working on rather than a whole new thing or trying to reignite a long extinguished fire… It probably went out for a reason..

You can use the Look back to look forward list from step 1 to inspire you…

We’d love to hear what you come up with :)

What were your favourite moments of 2017 and what are you wanting more or less of on 2018. But don’t rush. We have all the time in the world ;)

Love and hugs

Cat and Lisa x