Feeling a bit out of sorts, tired or distracted?  Here is a really simple guided relaxation technique to slow you down a touch, reconnect you with your body and fire you up for your next adventure.

Based on breathing, some cool images and you at the centre of it all, you can use this on it's own or to set you up for any of the other 'How to Pause'  techniques on this site such as 'The Backwards Slide', 'Scooping the Loop' and so on.

Enjoy :)

Sit comfortably, on a chair, some cushions on the floor or in upright bed.
Close your eyes and focus for a few moments on your breath.
Breathe in. 
Breathe out.

Breathe in... visualise your strong sturdy skeleton.
Breathe out... tell all the strong bones in your body to relax.

Breathe in... 
Breathe out... soften all the strong bones that keep you upright.

Breathe in...
Breathe out... feel the strong structure of your body melt a little.

Breathe in... picture all the tendons and ligaments and strong elasticky tissue around your joints.
Breathe out... tell your tendons, ligaments and joints to relax.

Breathe in...
Breathe out... really feel it as the spaces between your bones become a little less rigid.

Breathe in... go and meet all the muscly meat in your body.
Breathe out... tell your muscles to relax.

Breathe in... feel that softness in the muscle.
Breathe out...imagine all that muscly meat softening up just a little.

Breathe in... feel that.
Breathe out... relax a little more.

Breathe in... pull the crown of your head up a few millimetres away from your hips.
Breathe out... imagine heavy wings attached to your shoulders pulling them down away from your ears.

Breathe in... feel that.
Breathe out... relax a little more.

Breathe in... raise up your breastbone a little up and forward as though it's being hooked up and out.
Breathe out... sink a little deeper into your hips.

Breathe in... become aware of the vast expanse of sky above your head, endless and open.
Breathe out... become aware of the deep dark earth beneath your bum.

Breathe in... expand your lungs, muscles, tendons and bones out into that endless open space.
Breathe out... watch the breath travel out of the body into that open endless space

Breathe in... into the space between the atoms of your body (none of which touch)
Breathe out....

Breathe in... feel that.
Breathe out... relax a little more.

Breathe in... become aware of the layers below you.
Breathe out... 

Breathe in... dive down through the layers into the fire at the centre of the earth.
Breathe out... i
magine a cord connecting you to that fire and power.

Breathe in.... draw that fire up into your body.
Breathe out... feel the fire coursing through you.

Breathe in... how does it feel to be full of the fire of the earth?
Breathe out... how does it feel?

Breathe in... remember you can connect with this fire anytime you want
Breathe out...

Breathe in...
Breathe out...

Take your time coming out of the meditation before you head off on your next adventure :)

Don't forget to tell us in the comments below how you got on...