3 Lessons from 3 Years of Pause // Play // Escapes

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Our first Pause // Play // Escape was in April 2015 with three attendees. As we enter our third year of retreats we thought we would share 3 things we have learned... As 3 is our magic number!

1) Slow is the way to go...

When we rush around, when make a list that is so long we have to go fast to finish, when we try and fit too many things in... it never works out. One year we pushed ourselves to do more retreats than we really honestly had time for. It didn't work out well, we felt stressed, the 'extra' retreat didn't run anyway and we realised we were not practicing what we preached! So we paused, took a step back and went with the slow road to success.

2) Planning is guessing...

We made a long list of venues to visit in Gozo, we got up early, met at the ferry and ploughed our way through the plan... The venues we loved the most were the ones we stumbled across when we took a wrong turn. The people we resonated with the most were the ones that weren't on our schedule of interviews. Planning is important, it sets the intention and keeps the momentum going. But it is only ever a guess at how things will pan out. You have to let go on the plan sometimes...

3) It's the people that shape the experience

We have a schedule (which is flexible), we make sure we work hard to create the right space for our retreats. We listen to what each group needs, we share our thoughts on how to switch up what we are doing if it's not working. That means that every retreat is different depending on who comes and what energy they bring. No 2 Pause // Play // Escapes are the same. Which we love and it's what keeps us going into our third year and beyond...

We can't wait for our 4th year of Escapes, the next one will be Friday 27th -Monday 30th April 2018 in Gozo and we're offering a 10% discount on all bookings made before 24th December 2017!

Is it time for you to reward body, mind & soul with a Pause // Play // Escape? Find out more details here... :) 


* yes, a glass or so of wine is allowed on our retreats :) this is your holiday too!

* yes, a glass or so of wine is allowed on our retreats :) this is your holiday too!