Dress to Impress

“Loved the Brunch on the first day, Perfect!”
— Pause // Play // Escapee... October 2016

One of our favourite bits of preparing for Pause// Play // Escapes is menu planning. We look at what's in season, we share what we have made our own friends n family and we think back on previous escapes to come up with a unique menu for each Escape...

There's always plentiful salads for the welcome meal (crunchy, seasonal and healthy) but no salad is complete without it's dressing and we think we triumphed on the last escape, mustering up four unique dressings.  It was pretty hard to choose, but here was our favourite...

Tahini Bikini* Dressing

Get yourself a clean jar big enough for the serving you want to make... Scoop in the following:

  • Grated ginger - 1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger.
  • Lime (or lemon) - juice of one (or half if you are using lemon).
  • Tamari (you can use soy sauce but tamari has no gluten so we prefer it) - sploshy sploshy! i.e. there is no exact measure for this, just add to taste (if you like super salty add more).
  • Tahini - 2.5 tablespoons (we used dark but you can use light instead if you prefer).
  • Water - again sploshy sploshy! Add the water at the end once the taste is good for you as the water is mostly to get the right texture.

Shake it shake it shake (lid on obvs) with all your might.

Pour atop salad of choice.

We used this one for a coriander, pumpkin seed, quinoa salad but it would work for anything with asian flavours or over some hearty falafel. 


*We know it's got nothing to do with bikinis but it rhymed!

...all our juicy dressings lined up in a row, lemons, limes, spices, herbs, salt, pepper, tahini, tamari and loooovvvveeee x