For those moments when you are in fast forward mode, driving full speed ahead through your to do list and about to crash, here is a neat trick to help you to calm you down, improve neck posture and make you look sexier.

A Taoist technique, the 'Backwards Slide' involves shifting your attention/focus from the front of your head (where we usually find it in our get ahead, go fast, what's next culture) and drawing it toward the back of the skull from where we can steer our ship more calmly, see more, have a few more nanoseconds to think rather than just reacting, snapping, assuming.  Slowing you down a little so you can see the smartest (not just the fastest) way to proceed.  

You can start by taking a few long slow deep breaths and softening your gaze or if you have a few more minutes, start with this simple meditation to wind things down a little.

How to Backwards Slide

- Close your eyes and notice for a moment where your attention is.

- More than likely most of your focus is at the front of your head, behind the nose, mouth and eyes.

- Take a moment to be there.

- Then imagine the inside of your head is a big cave with you standing right at the front

- Picture the shiny, slidey floor of your cave and, as you tip your head slightly back...

- See yourself slide to the back of the cave where, conveniently, there is a big pile of comfy cushions for you to land on.

- Settle in here at the back of your cave.

- Serenely bearing witness to the world visible from the mouth of your cave.

- Watch the clouds, people, traffic pass by.

- All observed from the back of your cave.

- Supported, strong, solid and relaxed.

- Breathe slowly for a few minutes and observe how your body feels here.

- Like steering your ship from the rear, you have more time to see what's coming at you.

- More space and patience to reflect, not react

- With the added bonus of softening your brow so you look younger and sexier than before.

You can use the backwards slide anytime you feel all crowded up at the front of your cave.

Enjoy.... Cat and Lisa

(with love to the Barefoot Doctor for allowing us to share this pearl)