our past yoga, meditation and relaxation holidays

mediterranean, GOZO 2017 & 2018

Malta 2015 & 2016 & 2017

"We have been on 7 different retreats as a group now and we have decided yours is our favourite"

- from May 2018 Private Pause // Play // Escape in Gozo.


Pause Play Malta Yoga Retreat

"I have been raving about Pause // Play // Escapes to everyone since I got back"

"Amazing, stunning, relaxing, authentic, LOVE!"

"We both had a really relaxing time during our retreat and were both surprised at how quickly we Zen’d out". 

"Loved the yoga, loved that it was different every day and that we have take-aways too. Breathing, exercises, strap stretches. I felt held in the space, was able to ask questions and feel inspired"

"Amazing juices and really loved the healthy welcome brunch and breakfasts"

Pause Play Yoga Massage Retreat Malta

"I loved the detail and thoughtfulness of Pause // Play, everything feels like it is being done with love"

"Welcome brunch was delicious and the breakfasts were ample, was really pleased we were allowed coffee! Wine and nibbles on the terrace was a treat too!"

"Amazing, nourishing, nurturing. The perfect balance. I would really recommend this escape. Cat & Lisa are kind & caring and you will return feeling lighter!"

"The mix of pause and play was just right and left us with time to explore your island"


Pause Play Yoga Retreat Malta Gozo

"I loved how thoughtful it all was, the little notes, the mini foot massages in yoga, the sayings, felt moved to tears at times"

"I loved waking up to the morning yoga on the terrace with the sun on my face and the massage was divine"

"The space (literally) but also the space created in my body and my heart from feeling so nourished and nurtured oh any my daily notes from the Universe, I loved them"

"What a relaxing retreat with a great combination of yoga and some time to yourself to really get to know the destination"

"I feel blissed and blessed to have been able to fully relax for the first time in what feels like forever!"

"What a relaxing retreat with a great combination of yoga and some time to yourself to really get to know the destination"

"I loved it, I want to do it again!"

"Fantastic Massage, I was feeling really achey before hand. It really brought me back to life and I slept like a baby afterwards"

"Really great tips and recommendations of where to go, Lisa and Cat are a dynamic and inspirational duo"


"The yoga was a perfect balance of challenging and relaxing"

"The meals were delicious, healthy & well balanced"

"The yoga was great, not too fast & not too slow. Lisa's warmth and joy always shined through the yoga"

" I really appreciated the time Cat took to find out about my body before the massage, sore/stiff spots, what I needed to work on. It felt very personalised"